What is a pBone?

pBone is the world’s first plastic trombone; it's a lot of fun but also a quality instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals.

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  • “Unbelieveably awesome customer service! Thank you!”

    Steven W. Hoover – May 2014

  • “I think the pBone is the best thing that ever happened to share the instrument. It plays amazing too! People’s eyes pop out when I play it, I wish I had it 25 years ago.”

    John Lasiter - August 2014

  • “Thank you very, very much for your excellent service”

    Willy Rorke - August 2014

  • “I would definitely recommend the pBone to mothers who want their kids to learn how to play a trombone. It is cheaper than a brass trombone and easier to transport and play!”

    Maria Villarico – May 2014